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#1 Monday 4th March 2019 11:24:52

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Is this a good idea?

I have been driving the same VW Passat V6 Automatic since 2000 and I need to be prepared to find another car for when the Passat is no longer viable for whatever reason.  I do occasionally drive a manual courtesy car when the Passat is in for a service etc.  I am always glad to get back behind the wheel of my Passat.

I am considering buying a pre-owned, low mileage Lexus IS 300h (Auto/hybrid).  I am aware that any modern vehicle will be very different to drive than my old Passat.  Is it a good idea to find a driving instructor who will accompany me for a period of time so that I can gain the knowledge of the Lexus' characteristics and updated technology rather than just 'do it myself'?


Monday 4th March 2019 11:24:52

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Re: Is this a good idea?

#2 Sunday 10th March 2019 20:08:40

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Re: Is this a good idea?


This is probably a good idea if think it would be helpful.

A modern hybrid is a very different car to a 20 year old car as far a technology is concerned. You problem might be finding someone who knows enough about expensive modern hybrids to make it worth you money!


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