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#1 Sunday 16th December 2018 14:27:22

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Fiesta titianium starting issue

My 16 plate (67000miles) is having issues starting. Most of the time on stop start it will start normally. Occasionally it is as if the battery is flat, I just get the flat sound and then clicking but turn it off and back on again and it starts ok. The battery was new in June and has been tested and the headlights don’t go dim when it starts or attempts to start. Any ideas?


Sunday 16th December 2018 14:27:22

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Re: Fiesta titianium starting issue

#2 Sunday 16th December 2018 21:00:29

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Re: Fiesta titianium starting issue

I don't have your car but it seems that modern cars with their myriad of electronic chips & processors are more sensitive to battery condition than the older cars were, perhaps getting the battery checked by an automotive technician might be a start.

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#3 Monday 17th December 2018 07:34:34

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Re: Fiesta titianium starting issue

There are multiple discussions on here about S-S systems in Fords.


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