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#1 Tuesday 23rd October 2018 09:11:01

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Brislington Bristol, advice needed.

Hello All,

I'm an ADI who's relocating to Bristol and will be using the Brislington test centre in Bristol and the surrounding area to teach. Is there anyone on this forum who can advise me on the best areas to take a complete beginning, eg for steering and just pulling off and stopping?

Kind Regards



Tuesday 23rd October 2018 09:11:01

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Re: Brislington Bristol, advice needed.

#2 Tuesday 23rd October 2018 09:36:36

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Re: Brislington Bristol, advice needed.

I don't have a clue what its like in Bristol but the principal is the same wherever you are located.

I recommend seeking out places of your own. You can start the process by searching on Google maps and then take a drive around the areas. If you can, avoid areas heavily used by other ADI's because overuse always upsets the local residents.

It is my experience that even when you have found some decent training locations which are relatively free of other learners you will still need to keep looking for more as the least imaginative amongst us will copy you.

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#3 Wednesday 24th October 2018 07:48:26

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Re: Brislington Bristol, advice needed.

Hi Mr Pillar. I work out from Brislington test center and would like to help you find suitable areas. If you would like to PM me that would be fine..Rich


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