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#1 Tuesday 3rd July 2018 16:02:47

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Extended driving test

On an extended driving test how many manoeuvres will the driver be asked to do?
Also I understand they will have an emergency stop....correct??


Tuesday 3rd July 2018 16:02:47

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Re: Extended driving test

#2 Tuesday 3rd July 2018 16:27:04

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Re: Extended driving test

Hi There,
You will find the details of the extended test in the document DT1 Examiners Guidance Notes (section 1.47)

The extended test will take approximately 70 minutes and will be conducted on a variety of roads including those where the national speed limit applies.
 The emergency stop exercise must be carried out on every test
 20 minutes independent driving (in line with category B test)
 Successful candidates should be issued with a DVSA10 certificate.
As it is in line with the Category B test, only one manoeuvre will be carried out.


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