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#1 Sunday 1st July 2018 21:13:01

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Help needed please

I have been undertaking driving lessons with a private instructor and have had 8-10 hours with this man.
My last lesson was on the 28th May 2018 and during this lesson, while stopped at a roundabout another car crashed into the back of our car. The instructor exchanged details with the other driver and we continued the lesson. He assured me that I was absolutely not at fault for the incident and that the other driver had simply been following too closely and were going a bit too fast. We ended the lesson and he told me to let him know if I had any injuries over the following few days as this may affect the claim he would be making along with car repairs.
The next morning I awoke with a stiff neck and a pain in my shoulder, I text him and let him know and I didn’t receive a reply. I was due to have another lesson a few days after however as I was still unable to completely turn my head I cancelled the lesson stating this as a reason and he said that was fine and that he would try and book me in ASAP. I phoned my local doctors surgery for advice and they said that if I was worried there was serious injuries that I should go to A&E. Unfortunately I didn’t heed this advice and I continued to manage my pain at home with pain relief. This pain lasted for just over a week and I managed my pain with paracetamol and hot compresses at home. I text my instructor a total of three times over the next few weeks requesting a lesson and he has not replied to any messages.
After not hearing anything for nearly 3 weeks I contacted him via text and asked him to let me know if he was able to let me book a lesson as my driving test is booked for 2nd July and I haven’t had a lesson since 28th May, I stated that if he was unable to do this then I would need to contact another instructor to continue lessons as I feel unprepared for the forthcoming test and he messaged back immediately saying he was chasing his tail and would let me know. This was 4 days ago, I feel very let down. However my reason for this query is in relation to my injuries sustained in the crash. Obviously I didn’t take details of the other driver so I have no way of initiating a claim myself and I just want to find out what I may be entitled to. If you could offer me some advice as to what I may be entitled to and whether I can go forward with this without my instructor as he is proving to be quite elusive.
I am at my wits end!


Sunday 1st July 2018 21:13:01

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Re: Help needed please

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Re: Help needed please

What on earth is a "private" instructor.
I am wondering if you were actually with someone who is a pirate, not an instructor. If so it is doubtful if he has insurance to cover you anyway.


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Re: Help needed please

If you are looking for compensation through injuries sustained you will need to contact your instructor for his insurance details and make a claim via his insurance company.  If you are having trouble getting this information, then you would be best off contacting the Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on how to proceed further to obtain this information. Please be aware that you will need proof of injuries via paperwork through hospital, or GP, and also a timeline of when you went etc.,
Also something else you could do (If the instructor is a DVSA Approved Instructor) is to contact the DVSA and email them your situation and they will contact the ADI regarding your complaint.  The link is


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