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Merry Christmas

How are you spending your Christmas?

The build up to Christmas is a pain –  the frantic shoppers, parking difficult to find etc*.
Shopping mall decorations have been up for some time now but at least they’re not selling hot cross buns – yet.
Some decorations have a cold-climate winter theme and seem incongruous in our tropical setting, but the general mood is festive with happy shoppers dressed in tropical attire (thongs, shorts etc.)  cheerfully belting each other up for getting in the way.

One of the malls’ Christmas tree is made of rubber thongs to give the place an air of being, well, Christmassy with an air of the Darwin lifestyle.
“Thongs” are our word for what are usually called flip-flops by the less-enlightened. We also call them double-pluggers.

Another indication of the tropical Christmas theme is that the croc farm is offering to sell baby crocodiles to use as gifts – when they reach a certain size they must be returned to the croc farm or a permit applied for if living in the rural area (property owners often find that crocodiles move into their dams, and they are even spotted in ornamental artificial ponds in the suburbs).
This place can be interesting to live in.

*The worthy denizens of Darwin are friendly, gregarious, outgoing and obliging but behind the wheel, most become unworthy (inconsiderate, impatient, aggressive idiots; especially the macho heroes in their V8s or large pickup trucks.).

I can’t afford the airfare to my family 3,000km away in Australia so I'll be my myself - not a problem for me though as I'm the type to enjoy "solo time" now & then.
My father died some time ago and Mum is under full-time care with dementia; she's visited now & then by someone she calls “the rich fat girl" (my sister Sandra who's definitely not rich or obese; Mum is small and birdlike).
I don't feel guilty about not visiting her as she wouldn't know me either.

Sandra is a retired carer who worked with dementia sufferers, the experience and a sense of humour helps her get through it all.
We are sure our younger brother Mark has a touch of undiagnosed autism, he’s living by himself and finding it hard without Mum.
Sandra says I’m the “academic” of the family (my head is swelling again) but she is actually the rock.
Mum though is very happy living in her "hotel" with free meals she doesn't have to prepare herself, she's worked hard all her adult life looking after the family so she deserves to be happy.

On Christmas Day I usually sit at the computer dressed only in my "burglar-scarers" (underpants – the sight would scare even the most hardened criminal, or at least make him vomit loudly to bring attention to himself).
Rain is forecast which will be welcome as it's very hot, humid & sticky; without air-conditioning I would be literally dripping pools of sweat all over the keyboard but the power bill will be astronomical.
I just hope we don’t get a Christmas cyclone like Cyclone Tracy which killed people and flattened the small city on Christmas morning in 1974, causing it to be to be evacuated.

My traditional Christmas meal is seafood & beer but because of my diabetes type 2 I must be careful and not indulge to excess – e.g. only a few beers (the first since the previous Christmas) , and only HALF a prawn-trawler load this time.
I’m deathly allergic to fish that have fins, but can eat shellfish – I love pre-cooked prawns dipped in seafood sauce or green prawns sauteed in garlic butter with a bit of tarragon (is that a jet flying overhead or just my stomach rumbling?).

Anyway, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas, and a Happy & Prosperous New Year to all in the UK.

Zipper ("G'Day Mate!")
I'm not 65! I'm only $59.95+tax


Sunday 24th December 2017 07:56:26

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Re: Merry Christmas

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