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#1 Tuesday 12th December 2017 12:12:38

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Hi Everyone,

I am after some feedback if i may?

Do any of you use telematics to help show your learners how they are driving? if not why not?

Drivers scoring such as harsh braking, declerations, speeding etc would help to show them the way they are behaving plus and prob more importantly how better they are getting?

Incident Cam could record their driving, as held in the cloud culd be accessed at the road side during the debrief

Driver ID fobs, learners could have their own fob therefore only their data pulls through making scoring unique to them.

just wondering what else you would like to see as instructors and welcome any feedback



Tuesday 12th December 2017 12:12:38

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Re: telematics?

#2 Wednesday 13th December 2017 18:06:20

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Re: telematics?

I am having some difficulty trying to imagine what the value of such an arrangement might be. Telematics makes sense in situations where there is a need to 'remotely' monitor a driver but I have doubts concerning its place in the driver training industry.

I already have the ability to record events with dash cam cameras but rarely have the need to review footage with a client.

Individual clients having the ability to access raw data without it being contextualised by me is a concept I feel is likely to be counterproductive.

Telematics, as a resource, are great at telling you what has happened to a motor vehicle in terms of speed, direction, levels of braking & accelerating and cornering. It might be considered useful by a fleet manager but it fails to match my ability to see what is happening in my own car.

If I am missing the point or there is some value I am not aware of please explain it to me. If you are trying to market telematics I suspect you will not find success in the driver training industry.


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