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#1 Tuesday 12th December 2017 11:11:26

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telematic aid to help learner drivers

Hi Everyone,

I am after some feedback if i may?

Do any of you use telematics to help show your learners how they are driving? if not why not?

Drivers scoring such as harsh braking, declerations, speeding etc would help to show them the way they are behaving plus and prob more importantly how better they are getting?

Incident Cam could record their driving, as held in the cloud culd be accessed at the road side during the debrief

Driver ID fobs, learners could have their own fob therefore only their data pulls through making scoring unique to them.

just wondering what else you would like to see as instructors and welcome any feedback



Tuesday 12th December 2017 11:11:26

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Re: telematic aid to help learner drivers

#2 Tuesday 12th December 2017 19:57:53

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Re: telematic aid to help learner drivers

Hi Lynsey,

Telematics is something that I looked at sometime ago as a useful tool in teaching.  However, those companies using telematics, predominantly for insurance purposes, and the suppliers of black boxes were not interested at that time in dealing with driving instructors.  In addition the cost was prohibitive so I gave up.  I might be interested but I'm not going to invest a lot of time unless it is quickly evident of the benefit to me and my pupils.



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