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#1 Saturday 15th July 2017 18:05:56

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Broken Driving Licence

Hi All,

I've just started a pupil who has a broken driving licence (washing machine apparently!).  He has stuck it together with cellotape but I am concerned that it may not pass muster at either theory or practical test.  Normally I would suggest replacing it but he is in a bit of a rush to pass asap and we don't want to delay that waiting for a replacement licence.  So, two questions.  If he applies for a replacement due to the damage, is his old one still valid until the new one arrives?  Is a broken licence likely to cause a problem at either theory or practical?

Thanks in advance



Saturday 15th July 2017 18:05:56

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Re: Broken Driving Licence

#2 Saturday 15th July 2017 19:35:01

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Re: Broken Driving Licence

As long as it is readable they should accept it for tests.

If they apply for a replacement then the old one is still valid but should be destroyed when the new one arrives.

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