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#1 Tuesday 27th June 2017 17:44:57

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Current part 3 or standard check

My trainee licence is valid till end of October. I cant decide which test i should book . I done 40 hrs already old format . I am very nervous so i if i cant pass first attempt, i have to book new format new lessons ....
Shall i use my 3 lives on new format? Or 1 on current one and hope to pass 1st attempt????


Tuesday 27th June 2017 17:44:57

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Re: Current part 3 or standard check

#2 Wednesday 28th June 2017 07:01:06

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Re: Current part 3 or standard check

I am not a Trainer, so just my personal view.

The new format does intially seem easier in that you can pre plan the lesson you are going to conduct. You will however need a reliable pupil/FLH and be prepared to adapt/completely change the planned lesson if the pupil makes unrelated faults.

With the current PST format you do not have the worry of providing a pupil, and the examiner will only intentionally produce faults relating to the PST.

Much of the training you have had so far, such as competent Identify,Analysis and Remedial Action of faults will of course be required in either format but I would presume it will have concentrated on the PST's.

So personally, if felt ready, I would choose the existing format. I see you are looking for further training though so perhaps best to be guided by your new Trainer.


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