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I have a (female) pupil who is really struggling with driving and whom I am really struggling to instruct.  I am finding it massively frustrating because she is not making any progress at all and I don't seem to be able to work out how to help her.  For example, she pulls away perfectly 5 times in a row perfectly and then throws in a massively wrong one where she forgets what she is supposed to do.  She is completely incapable of straddling speed humps (the ones the width of a car) and even when she is driving towards them, I can suggest moving towards the left a bit and she doesn't.  She hears me and SHE THINKS SHE ADJUSTS but the steering wheel doesn't actually move at all.  I can say it multiple times and she still doesn't do it - but she thinks she does.  I don't get this at all. 

So, we spent a large part of the last lesson talking through how she feels and sees her driving.  There wasn't really anything in our discussion which could explain why she is struggling so much.  Then, towards the end of our discussion, she said that she suffers really badly from anxiety.  I wondered if this might be at the bottom of her problems.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions as I've tried pretty much every technique I know with no success.


Monday 3rd April 2017 20:23:26

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