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#1 Tuesday 6th December 2016 23:47:11

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Failed twice with no minors

My daughter failed her 2nd test today, same as the last time, no minors at all , only one serious fault each time.
I was sure she would pass, as she is a very good, and safe, driver, in fact, a natural i would say who picked it up right away, and has shown constant improvement over the last 9 months. Her instructor has actually said to her not to have any more lessons before her next test, but just to go out practicing with me. Similarly i dont think there is much more i can teach her, and know she is ready.
On her first test, on exiting a roundabout and approaching a zebra crossing she had a bus pulling out in front of her and going into outside lane. Then as she approached the crossing a guy who had walked past the crossing changed his mind, and turned around and stepped on to crossing. Daughter said she had seen this and was about to brake, but examiner got there before her. She accepted this one, as she realised she should have braked earlier, or made sure examiner knew she was aware of pedestrian. Fair result. but hard to take with no minors.
On her latest test however, she said she had driven a faultless test, right up to the end, and the examiner took her to where there is an unmarked crossroads,  ( i didnt even know there were any of these left ) she spotted this and slowed down in 2nd gear and observed the other roads.
On arrival at test centre she was sure she had passed, only to be told by the examiner that she had failed for not slowing down enough at unmarked crossroads, but again with no minors.
Its really hard to take when i see the standard of driving of some people who pass the test, when i know she is a really good driver.
the test centre has one of the lowest pass rates in the UK, and now i can see why, just seems really unfair on her, and on my wallet.
need to wait 5 weeks for new date.



Tuesday 6th December 2016 23:47:11

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Re: Failed twice with no minors

#2 Wednesday 7th December 2016 15:03:21

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Re: Failed twice with no minors

It doesn't seem fair sometimes but very hard to judge if you were not present.

Why don't you sit in for the third go?


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Re: Failed twice with no minors

Unmarked crossroads is usually a first gear roll up. I expect the examiner wanted to see that.


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