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#1 Sunday 17th July 2016 13:46:56

general zod
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Learning to drive at 47

I know. I've left it late in life to begin driving lessons. In the last two weeks I have had 6 lessons. So far I have learnt the cockpit drill, stopping and starting, and turning left and right. At the moment I am struggling with the clutch, and changing gears, especially changing from 2nd to 3rd and my nerves are getting the better of me.

I have paid for 10 lessons in advance, so after that I will see how things go.

I have heard that it is easier to learn in an automatic so after my 10 lessons I may consider automatic lessons instead. I know if I pass in an automatic, I will not be allowed to drive a manual but still, I will be better off than being unable to drive at all and I will have the option of getting a manual license at a later date.

I have seen automatics for sale in my local paper and online, at fairly reasonable prices.

Anyone pass in an automatic? Are automatics easier to learn in?


Sunday 17th July 2016 13:46:56

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Re: Learning to drive at 47

#2 Tuesday 19th July 2016 07:58:51

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Re: Learning to drive at 47

The first 10 to 15 hours are tough for most pupils getting used to all the controls, settling down with the routines etc.

The routines and everything else is the same in the automatic with the exception of the gears, IF you decide to go the auto route, there is no shame at all in making that choice.

Do what suits your needs, a car is a means of getting from one place to another, whether it is a manual or auto is incidental!


#3 Wednesday 20th July 2016 11:02:56

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Re: Learning to drive at 47

Yes automatics are easier to learn in - as long as you get tuition with professional instructors who now the good & the "be careful" aspects of automatics.
Good advice from Evan.

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