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#1 Thursday 30th June 2016 21:16:40

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Electronic Handbrake

Hi all,

In the next few months I will be looking for a driving instructor in the Glasgow area

Due to joint problems I have i will need to learn in a car which has an electronic hand
Brake as I am not able to physically operate a normal handbrake

Will it be difficult to find an instructor who has a car with this? As I know the manual
handbrake is the more traditional way of learning

Over the past few months my friend has been teaching me in her car so I can learn the basics,
however she has been having to work the handbrake for me whenever I need it which isn't

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated



Thursday 30th June 2016 21:16:40

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Re: Electronic Handbrake

#2 Saturday 2nd July 2016 17:57:51

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Re: Electronic Handbrake

An increasing number of cars are fitted with these as standard.

They are not something that an instructor would seek out or avoid, if the car they use has it, or doesn't is not something they would highlight.

All you can do is phone around your area and ask the question.


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