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#1 Thursday 7th January 2016 18:53:45

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hi all ( part 3 coming up )

Hi All

In 3 weeks time have my first attempt at my part 3 test, my training buddy has just failed his first attempt and told me it was quite tough.

He failed on not fixing a fault... pst 10.... the fault was shaving which he noticed , gave advice of move out to an open doors width or 1 metre but at end of test was told what he actually wanted to hear was a reference point added in, or in other words the pupil/examiner could not judge what a metre / open door was , he wanted more detail.

We are now going over what remedial action to take on the other pst's but there are so many errors that may come  up?

Can you go think back and explain to us what planning you made to have a fix for every fault ready.. is that even possible ?

We have done 40 hours of training and many days out together trying to test each other, but my buddy has mentioned the test is very different lol

thanks all


Thursday 7th January 2016 18:53:45

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Re: hi all ( part 3 coming up )

#2 Tuesday 12th January 2016 10:52:55

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Re: hi all ( part 3 coming up )

Have you had any professional lessons?

The issue with correcting faults is they are all taken on a fault by fault basis, you can't possibly have a little black book for answers to them all, it would be bigger than a yellow pages.

The first point of pupil not being aware what a metre is, use anything you can to help the pupil, things like road markings are brilliant, always treat the pupils as idiots even if they aren't


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