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#1 Wednesday 1st July 2015 09:00:13

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Anyone got a spare bed for tonight?

Well it’s 7:30pm here on June 1st in the Northern Territory, Territorians are out in lovely weather celebrating Territory Day, the anniversary of self-government.
In other words, instead of being ruled directly by a bunch of ignorant $#@&*s in Canberra, we have our very own bunch of ignorant $#@&*s right here.
Oh the joys of a 3-tier government system (Councils are even worse than the State/Territory governments and the Federal government).

It’s still fairly light with 20 minutes to go before sunset but morons are already out letting of fireworks - the explosive ones of course.
I live near a recreation area close to the sea, normally a nice place to live, except at certain times of the year.
Looks like I won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

At this time very year the paper is full of stories about injuries, and lost dogs with broken leashes wander around for days afterward.
The editorial beseeched us to behave ourselves, giving a special mention to the “cracker up the clacker” guy from last year*, but I don’t hold out any hope. … 6744991457

I left it too late for me to emigrate.  roll

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Wednesday 1st July 2015 09:00:13

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Re: Anyone got a spare bed for tonight?

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