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#1 Saturday 28th March 2015 11:24:56

From: Coulsdon, Surrey
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Clocks go forward one hour....

Can't wait for those lighter evenings, clocks go forward one hour tonight 1am  smile


Saturday 28th March 2015 11:24:56

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Re: Clocks go forward one hour....

#2 Saturday 28th March 2015 15:18:53

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Re: Clocks go forward one hour....

Soon we can work from 6am to 10pm at night with all the daylight hours  big_smile


#3 Sunday 29th March 2015 08:56:16

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Re: Clocks go forward one hour....

We don't have Daylight Savings down here in the NT (South Australia and the states either side of us have DS and apparently revert to normal time next week).
I'm old enough to remember when DS was first introduced in South Australia, there was outrage from a portion of the public - but the reasons that some of them were upset about were quite bizarre:
E.g. some said it would upset the day/night cycle of plants and crops would fail, or the chooks (domestic fowl) would be disoriented and stop laying. roll big_smile

It reminds me of when FM radio was mooted to replace AM, on a talk-back radio program a listener asked the DJ what AM / FM was about.
He cooly replied that AM was slow and only worked properly in the morning ('AM', geddit?) but FM ('Fast Mode') worked all the time and faster FM radio waves could catch up with a speeding car.
The listener was quite happy with that explanation (I've been trained as an electronics technician and nearly exploded).

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