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#1 Tuesday 24th February 2015 19:50:25

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Red Driving School - Training

Hi All,

I am new here so I hope I have posted in the right place, plus truly sorry if this has already been discussed.

I am in the early stages of becoming an instructor. I am currently waiting for my DBS to be returned, I am making good use of the RED online training, as well as reading the books they sent me.

I wondered if anyone has any experience of training with Red? I know if you google it you will find lots of people writing horror stories about how they were mis-sold their training by Red, although these all seem to be a few years old, and I wonder if Red have changed as I found Red to be really helpful with advising with training, and the guy that was "selling" me the training seemed more interested in me becoming a driving instructor and checking I knew what it entailed than trying to push me into in, also he seemed really honest even though sometimes that meant telling me the bad bits, working weekends and evenings (although I was aware of this and doesn't bother me!)

My question was really regarding part 2, I know I am yet to pass part 1 but part 2 is the one that is most bothering me, as I am aware of the many "bad" habits that have appeared since passing my test. Also I don't always do well under test conditions as my nerves send me to bits! One down side of training with Red, and I guess any big school is that you don't actually know who will be your trainer whereas with a local school you are buying into the training with a certain person. Red have assured me that all their trainers are experienced instructors who are ORDIT registered. They have told me to pass my part 1 then book my part 2 and they will provide me with a 2 hour lesson each week for the 5 weeks leading up the the test. Is 10 hours enough?

Also aside issue is that should I pass the part 2 test, what are your opinions on working for 6 months as a PDI, or should I just crack straight on and do part 3?

Many Thanks for your help!


Tuesday 24th February 2015 19:50:25

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Re: Red Driving School - Training

#2 Tuesday 24th February 2015 21:19:36

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Re: Red Driving School - Training

Hi Tom
Welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful.
It seems you have already decided(and probably paid)Red so I wouldn't worry about what  others say.
10 hours may be enough to pass part 2 but you are expected to show a high standard of competence and any sloppiness will show up.
My advice would be to get a couple of lessons with a suitably qualified(recommended)instructor and  then practice what you learn all the time.
The pass rate  for part 2 is quite low at around 50% so no gimme.
I learnt with the Instructor College(Red)14 years ago and they suited me fine and I was more than happy with them, so I tend not to listen to the critics.
Good luck with your training.

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Re: Red Driving School - Training

The biggest problem with this industry is that too many people don't do their research but just believe the hype put out by some of the big schools.

I would never recommend paying large sums up front, because you won't get any of it back should you change your mind.

Part one you can study for without paying anyone, all you need is time, dedication and commitment.   Pass that and then for part 2 go to a local independent ADI trainer where you can pay per hour.  Anyone who quotes you a certain number of hours before they've seen you drive is a plonker.   You mustn't book your test until you are ready and fully prepared for it.

Get some recommendations for who is good.     Do your part 3 training with the same trainer, or if you want to go down the pink badge route, find a  small local franchise.     Don't worry too much about Ordit, there are lots of excellent indy trainers who aren't ordit registered.

Your aim should be to start your own school up, working for a large franchise will bring you lots of hours for very little income.


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Laurence Jacquemin ADI
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Re: Red Driving School - Training

I trained with RED 3 years ago and never really had a problem with their training system, passed all 3 tests first time. But had to put in a lot of hard work myself and could not just rely on the RED training.

For example I did 10 hours part 2 training and passed with 1 minor, this was with me having only 3 years driving experience and having taken 4 attempts to pass my L test and lots of hours of lessons to get that far, so I would have not described myself as an experienced or natural driver. What I did do to get the success was make sure I was always driving to the highest standard, without any bad habits, so if I was just going to the shops I would drive as if I were on my test, I also did lots of free drives just going out to practice any areas I was struggling with (which were identified and noted on a progress sheet during the part 2 sessions, I suspect the format is the same.)

I suspect some of the horror stories were partly the fault of the student, as they were not putting in effort in-between and expecting RED to do everything for them.

With my part 3 training there was a lot of 2:1 training, but to be fair this worked for me as I could see how some else was doing it and then be a bit of a swat and tell them what they should be doing LOL which in turn helped me to realise my mistakes. Of course for some 2:1 training would not work, so depends on you. Also you do have the risk of getting a bad or inexperienced trainer, RED are currently trying to get new ADI trainers some of which may have only been ADI for a few years, nothing is really wrong with that but an experienced ADI and experienced trainer is better than an ADI with 2 years experience and you are their first PDI. If you don't find the trainer very good then contact RED and say you want another trainer, they should get you another trainer. Also as with part 2 I did a lot of practice outside the part 3 sessions such as talking myself through stuff and watching YouTube videos (Tony Currans videos are very good and there are loads and all free!)


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Re: Red Driving School - Training

Hi Tom,

This may be a little premature but what are your expectations after you pass your part 3?  Will you be working full-time or part-time?  Will you be working as an independent or for someone else?

The reason I ask is that one of the issues that many ex-RED trainees had was the way they were misled initially so perhaps one way of judging is to look at what you have been told thus far...



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Re: Red Driving School - Training

Hi Tom

I qualified with red last year, I couldn't fault their training, I didn't like the first instructor I got and I requested for another and I was allocated another within minutes. You really have to put in private practice on top of the 10 hours you get. I passed my part 2 with no faults.
For part 3 I heavil recommend that you go with the pdi option because believe me you will need it. And again do your own research for part 3 and do not just rely on the red material.
I can help with some material I put together. Message me if you are interested


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