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#1 Sunday 23rd November 2014 12:45:52

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A question that us tickiling my brain a bit regarding motorcycle parking..

I went to London on my bike, straight thru the most worse possible part etc, purely went down to get out and for experience..

Now parking seems to be a bit of a tight subject, unlike up north lol
I know there's designated parking areas for motorbikes etc, that's if you can find one !

Parking in a zone for pay and display, that's surely got to apply for motorbikes ?!
So you get a pay and display ticket.. Chances are the ticket will get nicked anyway !

Where you stand with that ?

I know the rules for cars etc, that's easy.

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Sunday 23rd November 2014 12:45:52

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Re: Parking

#2 Monday 24th November 2014 07:54:17

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Re: Parking

Read the signs!

Westminster and a couple of other councils introduced parking charges for motorbikes - pay by phone.
Go on the web and read the signs to discover if, where and how.  hmm
Try to avoid the south!  cool

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