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Full Write Up PST10 Pass 6/5 1st Attempt !!!!

Date: 14th Nov’14
Place: Peterborough Test Centre
Time: 09:20
PST 10: 6/5 1st Attempt

The evening before I watched plenty of videos on the moving PST’s, both Phase 1&2, I was happy with the Controls and Manoeuver ones , eventually got my head down about 01:00….Set my alarm for 6:30 which was plenty of time for meeting my instructor before driving to Peterborough and chill out over a coffee going over some last minute Q&A’s….Oh forgot to mention it was persisting down with the wet stuff ???????? Grrrrr !!!!!!!  sad

09:10 Entered the building and had my nervous wee whilst I filled my head with positive thoughts, I was hoping for some reason that I would have the same SE that I had on my Part 2, which turned out to be the case, went through the paperwork but couldn’t see what PST I had, so I asked her (PST 10 she said but I’ll talk to you in the car about it) I wanted that extra bit of time to start focussing on the task in hand (TBH I would’ve liked a PST with a manoeuver and then a moving subject, as number 10 is very similar if you think about it) I also requested my instructor sit in with me as we all know that benefits both of us, no problem she says

Anyway she offered her umbrella….!!!!!!!! weather, we all huddled underneath it and walked to the car, she does her formalities while I sort out my prompt cards and arrange my presenter onto the correct PST

Word picture: My name is Hayley and I want you to instruct me on Meeting/Adequate Clearance/Anticipation….I thought here we go then, all the hard work and training over the last 3 months, time to temporarily close her toy shop for the next 60 mins ????

Out of role she asks for the keys to start the engine to prevent the windows steaming up (Good Idea) I thought as the weather is miserable I will use this to my advantage (Lights on….Check…. Demister on….Check…. Wipers on…check….Have you driven in these conditions Hayley (No)….there’s a shock ????
My briefing was quite quick, I incorporated Anticipation into the Meeting/Clearance with some Q&A and visuals from the presenter (My briefings were always too long during training, due to me waffling on about every minute detail) as Blaine always says, once the briefing is over their hard drive is wiped clean

I thought if I control her speed that will make my job easier, it’s a horrible road out of the test centre with speed bumps followed by a busy T-Junction, I said no more than 5mph out of the car park as we can anticipate ped’s or a learner driver appearing etc, she agrees and plays along, (Sorted) I was straight in there with some praise about her coordination of controls and speed I then decided as she didn’t have a ref point for 1m from the kerb during the briefing I’ll sort this out ASAP going 5mph and guided her in to get a ref point before the 1st Jcn onto the main road, she’s happy with that (Sorted)
1st Jcn turn left and watched her like a hawk, I did unfortunately instruct her on the first couple of junctions but she threw me a life line and said I’m ok with Junctions (Took the hint Doh !!! but still watched her) I won’t lie to anyone on here, it was non-stop verbal from me for the next 20mins as every few seconds we had meeting situations and so much to anticipate, but I had her under control immediately by getting her to check her centre mirror and right mirror with reasons why, anticipate what might happen and adjust her speed appropriately, I was giving her all the details/dangers and asking if it makes sense and handing over control when appropriate which she liked, as she was happy with the clearance of 1m from the kerb I explained on the move about passing parked vehicles and to use the bottom of the drivers side tyre the same as the kerb, she got that ok, I did have to pull her up as she didn’t understand the full reasons why she needed to use the mirrors, I asked her why is it important we check the centre mirror and act on what we see, and what could we do if there was someone close behind us…she said why would someone drive too close, I explained that we could slow down and build a safety margin from the car in front so if we had to brake suddenly we wouldn’t have to brake as hard so the car behind didn’t hit us up the back (Better to be a problem solver than a problem maker) she liked that and that was sorted
She did get me on a meeting situation where she stopped too far to the left behind a car, (later on in my discussion with my instructor I decided that as there were no vehicles behind I would get this sorted but as a few vehicles appeared I got her to put her left signal on and continued my explanation that it looks like we have pulled up to park on the left which she understood before moving off (Ensured she did her observations though)
We approached traffic lights to turn right and I got her to use the Left of Centre as a ref for getting into the right position for holding back from a stationary vehicle on a meeting situation, she got that ok
I explained the Tyres & Tarmac for stationary vehicles and she understood but went too close to a van queuing at a R/B and leant forward in her seat to see the T&T, I said it’s from normal seating position and got her to wait until the van moved forward until the correct distance was achieved, I explained the consequences which she took on board and it was fine after that
As always there are moments when you say Oh noooo I don’t like this….we were at traffic lights and she said what is that bleeping noise (A van was squeezing down the side of us and wow it was close) I said it was the proximity sensors going off, we were in the correct position fortunately so I just explained calmly why they were sounding)
Just as we turned right I spotted 2 cyclists on the opposite side of the road so I quickly said we need to anticipate what they’re going to do so off the gas and be prepared….it was if I paid them to ride across the road without looking but then she was going to shave them as we passed so I had to step in and explain that I’m going to help her with the steering and guide her round them whilst explaining the dangers and reason for extra clearance required…Phew that was close….and 200 metres further down the road we had a car double parked so helped with the steering again and got her at walking pace (Less Space Less Pace) Just after that she said to pull her over and that was the end of Phase 1, I wanted to do a recap but she said not to worry and have a minute to get ready for Phase 2

Phase 2 word picture, her name was Ann and her test is 10 days away, her instructor was away and wants me to instruct her on Progress/Hesitancy NRP and Anticipation, already had my prompt card between my legs with my questions wrote out to Delve into her head, she said that her judgment of speed has been an issue so I asked about that and she gave all the right questions, there didn't seem to be a problem with her answers which wasn't a surprise

Thought lets get her on the road, straight away she's fast so asked what the speed limit is and what is she anticipating can happen ahead and what would the appropriate speed be so that she could react, gave the right answers and slowed down (kept reminding myself to ask specific questions and fill in the gaps rather than slip into tell,tell etc....PST 10 is so close to each other in respect of phase 1&2)
The main fault I noticed was her speed coming up to R/B's and not being prepared to take advantage of a gap so I got in early with asking where she is looking on approach, how early, also what gear she was going to be in to take advantage of any opportunity to make progress, she played along and told me what she was doing but I had to prompt her on the gear but she eventually got that sorted..... We then approached a bigger roundabout where we were going to join a dual carriageway (because I work as a fireman in the city I knew the area like the back of my hand, so often I knew where she was taking me....this helps a lot)
She didn't take advantage of joining this R/B because she saw a car some distance away so I explained that the vehicles indication and position gave us the opportunity to make progress and I was able to get this explained before she entered the slip road, I then asked her what the NSL sign meant and what the speed limit was, correct answers given and then I said how are you going to merge into this dual carriageway and she joined it perfectly which I then praised her and asked how she was feeling....she said I feel quite good (I'm thinking this is going well lol) next big R/B and I let her show me how she could join another dual carriageway which she did.....I then asked her about the following distance to the car in front which she replied with its 4 seconds due to the bad weather, I complimented on her answer,I addressed her NRP and asked her if she knew how to use the mirrors to judge the centre lane position, she didn't know but liked the method
We then came up to another big R/B with spiral lanes going everywhere which confuses many drivers, but as I said I knew the area well, whilst we were stationary at the lights I asked her to tell me what she was looking for and how she was planning ahead before we got the green light (also asked just because we have a green does it mean we can go) she answered correctly and I said well done (I know I'm really trying to score brownie points at every opportunity)
I knew we were getting to the latter stage of the hour and boy was my throat feeling like sandpaper due to nonstop talking lol
We entered an industrial estate with quite a few R/B's and sharp bends, I got another good saying into the mix (Lose your Vision Lose your Speed) which she seemed to like, and just got her to talk me through her routine which was working ok and then I realised that I hadn't asked her how she judged if it was safe to emerge or cross the path of traffic, she said that she just goes, so I explained about WADA which she acknowledged, I asked her if she has to apply the handbrake at every junction which she did often and she said isn't it a good thing to do so I explained that it can delay our progress because she has to release it before she gets going rather than get moving sooner
As we were heading back on the last couple of roads I thought I'd start doing a recap and ask her what she'd learnt and how she felt the lesson went, she liked the WADA, and seemed happy with the drive, we turned into the test centre and she said that's the end of the test, I need to pop into the office for 10 mins I will see you after I've done the paperwork

Well the 10 min chat with my instructor who sat in the back was a roller coaster of emotions, she said that it felt ok but was worried about the incident with the cyclists and she thought that the SE might have gone too far to the right on a road in the industrial estate.....I was thinking Oh Nooooo what can I do......Well before we knew it she was back in the car and started the debrief, asked me how I felt it went, and I said that I thought it went quite well.....shall I put you out of your misery.....please do I said, I just want the result.... well congratulations you've passed and you did very well with a 6/5, as you can imagine I was in shock and my instructor was really impressed.....a couple of points to mention, she asked me said I didn't mention the danger of being to wide on NRP.... only bit of advice she said was to ask some more probing questions at the start of phase 1 on what driving she'd done prior.....I'll take that advice any day with a 6/5 ????

Apologies for such a long write up, but hope it helps other PDI's as I know I gained from reading them on here

A couple of tips for the Part 3, one of my light bulb moments was actually getting the SE to drive exactly how you would drive, also as most faults are based around MSPSL, watch them carry out each element as you would expect it to happen which focuses your mind on where a fault might happen, it certainly helped me out today

Good luck to all those PDI's who have a test coming up

Gordon  smile

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Sunday 16th November 2014 22:59:39

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Re: Full Write Up PST10 Pass 6/5 1st Attempt !!!!

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Re: Full Write Up PST10 Pass 6/5 1st Attempt !!!!

Hi Gordon
Very useful,thanks.

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