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#26 Wednesday 25th June 2014 06:49:10

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Re: Incident on the M3

Thanks TM. Signatures now have reached 163. Still a long way to go. Thanks.

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Wednesday 25th June 2014 06:49:10

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Re: Incident on the M3

#27 Wednesday 15th October 2014 13:13:52

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Re: Incident on the M3

johnp wrote:

We really need Motorway lessons. You need some idea of how to react.

I agree, and I think doing Pass Plus helped me as I never entered a motorway prior to doing that. For me, the M5 basically felt like the A38 but with more lanes, a hard shoulder and no laybys, and everyone drove faster. But please tell me how a learner driver in, for example Helston, would do motorway lessons when the closest motorway is over 100 miles away.

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Re: Incident on the M3

In the north of Scotland it is over 220 mls from Thurso to a motorway at Perth, it is even 105 mls just to get to a DC like the one around Cambourne/Redruth so even that is a huge distance compared with the busier A38 around the Liskeard 53 mls/Plymouth 71mls area.
This is why PassPlus permitted the M/way module to be done in theory connected to highspeed DCs..

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