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#1 Monday 11th August 2014 21:40:16

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Fancy one of these on your car?

Who comes up with these things and more importantly who buys them?

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Monday 11th August 2014 21:40:16

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Re: Fancy one of these on your car?

#2 Monday 11th August 2014 22:04:04

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Re: Fancy one of these on your car?

It's like the 'Baby on board' signs, shouldn't they be stuck on the front window so that the driver can see it? cool


#3 Tuesday 12th August 2014 11:24:15

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Re: Fancy one of these on your car?

Nope I wouldn't have one (ESPECIALLY in a training car) - even though the angry face seems to be mouthing the phrase "F*** O**" and might be considered appropriate when directed towards tailgaters, we have enough road rage problems without inviting further reactions through a signal which could be misunderstood at best, or be distracting to following drivers, or be considered offensive at worst.

Good comment, DonT.
I remember a TV standup comedian saying "So what am I expected to do about Baby On Board signs, drive differently?"
I would have liked to confront him and say "YES you inconsiderate average-motorist-type-moron, hang back and drive more carefully than you normally do."

Although not all the Drivemocion signals are aggressive, I still wonder at the mental process of those who put aggressive and/or insulting stickers on the back of their vehicles.
Typical stickers that I see daily down here include ...

"F*** O** We're Full" - obviously aimed at immigrants. The nation of Australia was built on immigration, but what has happened in recent years, where is the "Welcome to the Lucky Country there's room for everybody" paradigm? Admittedly, immigrants from certain African countries should be sent back because of their home-grown attitudes (disrespect for rules and for authority, for one) but I’ve dealt with great immigrants as well.

A little boy directing a stream of urine on something (often a rival brand of car).  Do we need to choose our heroes, idols or role models from the motor vehicle manufacturers?

A “flipping the bird” sticker directed at anyone following behind. Enough said.

“If you don’t like my driving, eat ***” (or something equally nasty & insulting). Enough said on this one too.

A pair of balls in a bag resembling a scrotum, dangling from the tow bar. Why would a tough macho hero want tell everyone where his brains are located?

Most of these are displayed on big overpowered 4WD work utes, or pig-hunting utes, or oversized SUV's.

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