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#1 Wednesday 16th April 2014 08:34:39

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Bus Driver Counting Cash … lm-3417808

So, which is more stupid?

The driver, or

The bus company manager, who thinks you should ask a criminal's permission before filming him?


Wednesday 16th April 2014 08:34:39

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Re: Bus Driver Counting Cash

#2 Wednesday 16th April 2014 11:16:49

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Re: Bus Driver Counting Cash

I used to get on that bus, the drivers have always been nutters.

I was almost wiped out by one a few years ago, they were overtaking my car on a dual carriageway approaching a bus stop, we were doing the speed limit. They were half way past us when someone stepped out from the bus shelter and flagged them down, they just pulled across into the bus stop, fortunately the person driving my car was a banned driver practicing for their extended test and they were able to avoid a collision with the 3 axle coach!

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