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#1 Thursday 3rd April 2014 18:25:50

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Thursday 3rd April 2014 18:25:50

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Re: Lucky lucky boy...

#2 Thursday 3rd April 2014 21:15:51

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Re: Lucky lucky boy...

Always gets me when they say it's a "dangerous road"!!



#3 Friday 4th April 2014 10:52:02

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Re: Lucky lucky boy...

He didn't get a lot of sympathy from some bike forums - general consensus was he was riding like a *** cos he simply lost it going into the bend too fast after his impatient/illegal overtake.
But yes, he was very very lucky not to have done a head on with the car.  roll

"I swear I found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car"


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