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#1 Tuesday 1st April 2014 16:35:07

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Are East European drivers taking work from UK companies?

Using quiet industrial estates for practice as you do I see some strange things but the strangest of all yesterday.
I have noticed in recent years the increase in East European trucks in the area, mainly from Poland and it appears they are doing "local" jobs while waiting for a load to take them back. But I wonder how legitimate some of these loads are!
Often I see these trucks outside a local auto salvage yard, they have special frames set up to get 2 levels of cars fork lifted into the back of the curtainsiders, I suspect these are delivered in the uk because the same trucks are back and to quite regularly as this savage company shifts dozens of cars every day.

But yesterday in a costal holiday town at a quiet industrial estate, I caught the tail end of a full sized static caravan, the type used on holiday caravan parks, which are normally transported on light beavertail rigid trucks at 70 mph without any bother, being squeezed into a curtainsider trailer, don't know how they got it on but the driver was struggling to get the curtains to fit around to conceal it in the quiet corner of the industrial estate, the thing is there are dozens of cheap caravan transporters in this town so he must be really undercutting to get the job here.



Tuesday 1st April 2014 16:35:07

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Re: Are East European drivers taking work from UK companies?

#2 Tuesday 1st April 2014 20:18:12

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Re: Are East European drivers taking work from UK companies?

How do you know it was a local job? Maybe he was taking it back to Eastern Europe.

If he wasn't, was there something illegal about it?


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