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#1 Tuesday 11th March 2014 14:45:42

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RTITB Master Driver Registration Scheme (MDRS)


I am researching the area of DCPC and which option is best for our company.

We currently outsource our DCPC training to Scania, which they have done a fantastic job.
Do we go down the lines of getting locations and courses JAUPT accredited and doing it all in house.
Do we join the RTITB MDRS and do it that way.

So my question to you, is does anyone use the MDRS already and how do you find it.

Any feedback in general on this at all please.

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Tuesday 11th March 2014 14:45:42

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Re: RTITB Master Driver Registration Scheme (MDRS)

#2 Tuesday 11th March 2014 15:46:57

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Re: RTITB Master Driver Registration Scheme (MDRS)

We looked at RTITB and there is no doubt that they deliver a quality product and are much repected in industry.

We found the cost of joining the consortium to be prohibitive and then there was the training. I believe, and someone may correct me, that it was well in excess of £1000 and of course, being in a consortium you pay RTITB to do the DSA uploads which eats heavily into your profit margins.

We decided to go it alone. I went to the RHA for a week on the DCPC Train the Trainer Course. I returned and cascaded training down and now we deliver 13 courses as an accredited centre.

Getting accredited was a nightmare and it took a number of submissions before we got there. JAUPT dot every i and cross every t.

We feel that now the hard work is done (we are in Year 3) it will become easier and more manageable, and in the long term, financially more viable than the other options.


#3 Wednesday 12th March 2014 07:25:11

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Re: RTITB Master Driver Registration Scheme (MDRS)

If your company is paying the drivers to do the courses as well as paying for the courses then good on you because at least 50% of drivers have to pay for their own dcpc and all they want is to do it as cheaply as possible even if that means doing the cheapest course 5 times

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