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#1 Tuesday 18th February 2014 22:14:08

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Spectacularly Stupid

The judge's words, not mine.

Full story here … -1-3310932

The headline is misleading: he wasn't driving a steamroller at maybe 4 mph, but a van at motorway speeds.


Tuesday 18th February 2014 22:14:08

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Re: Spectacularly Stupid

#2 Tuesday 18th February 2014 22:32:52

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Re: Spectacularly Stupid

Drinking and driving. You'll just end up spilling it!!

If you can't do it safely don't do it at all


#3 Wednesday 19th February 2014 08:13:25

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Re: Spectacularly Stupid

The title of the thread sums up a lot of what I see in the world every day to be honest. Sadly, and I mean this, nothing surprises me anymore! Which is not how I would like things to be but there you go!


#4 Wednesday 19th February 2014 12:08:54

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Re: Spectacularly Stupid

We had a similar situation down here on a fast highway, although the culprit wasn't holding a wine bottle, he was holding...
.. and the other hand was resting on the steering wheel while pointing a video recorder at the "action".

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