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#1 Tuesday 1st October 2013 11:09:45

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73(tri) Endorsement

At the test centre this morning I was perusing the notices and saw one posted by the test centre staff regarding an endorsement which I believe was 73(tri) which can appear on a car licence allowing those over the age of 24 to ride a trike on a car licence for licences gained in 2013.  I thought that this had been changed in Jan such that you have to take an A licence before being so allowed.

I cannot find any reference to this endorsement on the internet - can anybody shed any light on this?



Tuesday 1st October 2013 11:09:45

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Re: 73(tri) Endorsement

#2 Wednesday 2nd October 2013 19:15:56

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Re: 73(tri) Endorsement

Yes, it's changed.  The 73(tri) will (I think) be for holders of Cat B1 before Jan this year who then renew or replace their licence, as it will show Cat A but limited to trikes.

Best bet is to see here: Gov

"Motor tricycles
If you hold category B1 entitlement (trikes and quads), when you renew or replace your licence after 19 January 2013 it will show categories B1 and A. The A entitlement will be limited to tricycles and you wont be able to ride motorbikes you werent previously allowed to.

Provisional licences now only cover you to ride motor tricycles if you have a physical disability. Driving tests for 3-wheeled vehicles are only available for physically disabled drivers.

Able-bodied drivers who want to ride motor tricycles need to pass CBT and the theory and practical tests on a 2-wheeled motorbike."

Motorbike licensing is nearly as complicated as trailers!    cool

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#3 Monday 21st October 2013 20:58:05

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Re: 73(tri) Endorsement

I saw this on a licence last week, but it is a restriction not an endorsement isn't it?


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