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#1 Saturday 5th May 2007 19:56:51

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Since we've got a new Motorcycle forum, I thought I'd see how many of us have done a "BikeSafe" course?

I did one a few years ago with the Metropolitan Police at the Ace Cafe in Park Royal, NW10.

I thought it was a very good course for riders of all standards, from Newbies to Born Agains to Life Longers. There was a bit of useful advice for everyone, and the general feeling at the end of the day was that everyone had gone away with a little more knowledge than they arrived with.

I'd recommend anyone to book-up and do one. Most Police Forces run them, some in partnership with the IAM, and it's quite amusing being "chased" by a marked up Police bike for the day.

The day at the Ace cost me £30 (Subsidised by Transport for London) and includes lunch and refreshments along with the valuable knowledge of some of the best riders in the country.

Visit the BikeSafe website

Has anyone else done one, and what did you think of it?

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Saturday 5th May 2007 19:56:51

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Re: Bikesafe

#2 Saturday 5th May 2007 20:51:27

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Re: Bikesafe

ta  big_smile

sent an enquiry regarding dates in the Bromley area wink.

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#3 Saturday 28th January 2012 09:56:06

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Re: Bikesafe

I am also a bike rider. I am so much excited to take part in some bike races. but before doing that I want to know the safety for riding the bike.


#4 Sunday 18th August 2013 15:46:28

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Re: Bikesafe

Just looking into doing Bike Safe in North Wales - only recently passed my test so hoping it will be useful

John  smile

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#5 Sunday 18th August 2013 16:31:21

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Re: Bikesafe

When you were on the course were you encouraged to ride at speeds a little higher than some posted limits?

I have heard this from a few who have been on the courses and from some of the officers who run them.


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