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#1 Wednesday 14th August 2013 07:11:53

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Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Hello all,

I don't really post here much but I do read the topics from time to time. I just wanted to drop by and tell you about my Check Test, which took place yesterday.

I passed my Part 3 back in early 2009 after 6 months on a Pinkie....... I passed first attempt with a 4 and was over the moon but also a little worried that I could do better. My first Check test letter then appeared with a date on it for October 2011, which I took my son to as a trained pupil who was ready for his test (he actually passed first time a couple of weeks later). On the TC he fell apart and my lesson really went to pot, not because I couldn't adjust but because he kept getting progressively worse and he told me after that the pressure was just too much and he didn't ever want to go through that again..... I really do believe that it helped him to cope with his own test day nerves though. I again received a 4 but I was gutted, not at the SE but at myself for not being firmer and more adaptable. It was nothing like a real lesson to be honest but hey ho, can't change that now.

When my next letter arrived it was asking me to attend CT on the 13/08/13, I was bricking it and I am not afraid to say that. I arrived at the TC for 1200pm and was then told by the SE that my CT was at 1230...... Maybe I was wrong or maybe they put the wrong time on the letter but I wasn't going to argue... I now had another 30 minutes to sit and ponder my fate, arghhhhhhh!!! I had headache and the shakes but the time came and out of the back office stepped the SE and yes it was the one I dreaded............

This time I had decided to do role play so that I could have a crack at it before it all changes. I explained that and she didn't seem too happy that I 'wanted to try it'!!! I was immediately on the back foot, or so I thought. I told her that we were going to look at Junctions (all types) and she filled in the word picture telling me that she doesn't really get on with X roads and Mini round abouts......Damn!!! There are not many mini ones around here and I totally overlooked this info as I was in panic mode!!! Note to myself, listen to the info and act upon it!!!

Anyway to cut a long story short, she played up with mirrors and position faults and also speed on approach....the usual stuff, which I felt I was nailing pretty well, then self doubt set it, I now thought that this was getting to be too easy and that I wasn't seeing the whole thing!!! Oh no.....Now I tried even harder to spot things that weren't there and very nearly started to over-instruct.

Returned to TC a couple of minutes late due to roadworks although she did keep saying (in role) I do hope I am not going to be late home as I have to go somewhere.......

After a long drawn out de-brief by the SE, for which she is known, she told me that she was grading me, which immediately said to me, "You've only just passed with a 4"!!! Then she blew me away and said, "I am giving you a 5 because there is some really good instruction in there and your Core Comps are great, but relax and don't worry too much over correct terminology, I am playing someone who is near test standard so instruction can be more flexible"!!! I nearly filled up when she gave me the slip with my grade on it. I told her that I had been terrified of her but from now on I won't be.

I feel really good now! I have spent the last 2 years or so doubting my abilities and looking at other instructors as if they are better than me and I always keep my mouth shut when in the company of other instructors. Now I feel on a par with my peers and I can hold my head up and stop kicking myself. Now just to relax and go and get that 6, because I really do now know that it is attainable.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (if you did) and thank you for allowing me to share my tale.

I would also like to say thank you to Tony Curran, who I telephoned for advice on the day before my test. He and I are FB friends and this was the first time I had spoke to him. Really nice chap and he gave me 30 minutes of his time, which he didn't have to. Next time I go to Herts, I will look him up to say thank you in person.


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Wednesday 14th August 2013 07:11:53

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

#2 Wednesday 14th August 2013 08:00:56

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Well done Tim on your grade 5.

That is a nice write up and it reminds me of my last check test because just like you I always doubted my ability and thought I wasn't very good at the job.

It is one hell of a confidence boost when you find out that you are actually quite good at what you do.

Now you can hold your head high and carry on doing a good job! smile


#3 Wednesday 14th August 2013 20:38:52

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Well done!  Always stressful being watched and assessed!  Relax and keep up the good work - just brush up on the latest bull for your next one in a few years!  cool

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Well done.   You qualified the same year as I did, and I got a 5 for the first time this year too   big_smile   big_smile   big_smile


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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

I've just got my first grade 5. Previous two was a 4 for trying to put on a show. This one I was just my self. Was congratulated on the lesson and told I had earned a strong 5.

I said I would love to pay to have another go to try for a 6 but was told that I wouldn't be accepted as there are too many grade 4s and below that require testing.

Very pleased with my result. Still on cloud nine.   smile

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#6 Thursday 15th August 2013 10:22:20

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Well done good result and write up.  smile


#7 Thursday 15th August 2013 23:21:31

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Re: Just got a Grade 5 (13/08/13)

Well done Tim. And perhaps a good insight into "not using your own kids" for C/T's.

Just say we "bombed out" and ended up having to go through the "pre strike off" procedure, our son/daughter would never forgive themselves for putting dads business/livelyhood in jeapordy. (I know its not thier fault but they would feel in some part responsible)

However, with the proposed dropping of "role play" I can see more of this happening.



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