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#1 Friday 2nd August 2013 17:52:18

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Accountant or DIY?


Seriously considering self employment as a driving instructor.  I'm looking at the potential earnings and costs carefully (other than training) and wondering if I will need an accountant or whether it is perfectly acceptable to do my own accounts.  I know accountants cost a bit, but I have heard that driving instructors are often targeted for tax inspections, and I would hate to go through one of those without professional help.

So, accountants... A necessary expense or do you do it yourself?



Friday 2nd August 2013 17:52:18

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Re: Accountant or DIY?

#2 Saturday 3rd August 2013 16:35:36

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Re: Accountant or DIY?

I'd agree with Triker. HMRC run free workshops (or they used to) for the self employed which I found to be excellent.

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Re: Accountant or DIY?

Do it yourself smile
an accountant will probably save you approx 300 quid a year but the accountants fee will probably be 300 quid  roll


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