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#1 Wednesday 6th March 2013 20:06:25

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Check test today

4 weeks ago the dreaded brown envelope arrived on my doormat. Check test on the 6th of March, plenty of time, mark it in the diary then try to put in the back of my mind.

As it drew closer I began to have all the usual worries who to take what to teach. I chose a pupil who I had been teaching 2 years ago and gave up to have a baby. She had had about 30 hours so was getting there. I offered her a free lesson on the day and her lesson after free of charge which she readily accepted. The next what to teach, on my last CT I did roundabouts and anticipation on approach. Thought I would do the same this time the only problem was she didn’t have a problem with this.
Decided to do meeting and adequate clearance, (passing parked cars). As today got closer I began to have doubts about the subject as there is lot that can go wrong with this but stuck with it.

Arrived at the TC in good time and waited nervously in the waiting room. The examiner came and introduced herself and asked about the pupil then went on to ask about my history as an instructor and my business she then told me to keep the recap of the last lesson short as she was sure we had already done that. By the time we got to the car she had put me at my ease.
She introduced herself to my pupil and put her at her ease.

In the car I gave a short recap and explained what we were going to do today and what we were trying to achieve in this lesson. We set off nervously out of the car park the first 2 roundabouts went fine, praise given, as that was the subject of our last lesson. I used plenty of Q&A during the run to the area with the parked cars as we passed the first car she got too close to the back before moving out dealt with that on the move, or so I thought.
Next came a left emerge something she has no problem with, she didn’t go to first as she stopped and before I could correct that she was moving out luckily she was gentle with the clutch and we got away. Asked her how she thought she could do that better next time “ I was lucky  should have been in first there”. I told her we would have a few goes at emerging left to practice it. The next junction I prompted her to use first gear, the next junction let her try and she went into first before getting a good position so on the move we spoke about the importance of a getting a good position before selecting the gear. That did the trick next few functions all fine.

Back to passing parked cars first car again too close talked about that on the move. The next parked car came so I prompted her in to a better position earlier. That did the trick for the next few cars. On the way back to the TC she didn’t notice an amber light at a pedestrian crossing had to ask her to stop, I was tempted to use the dual but there was just enough time to verbally stop her. Told her we would talk about this back at the TC.

Back at the TC gave a good debrief and agreed what the content of the next lesson would be. At this point my mind was racing had I missed anything, thought I would stop before I started babbling on.

The pupil was in need of the toilet so out she got and the examiner got in the front. After a short pause “well not much I can say about that is there anything you could have done better during that lesson”. All I could think of is that I should have dealt with clearance of the parked cars at the side of the road, she agreed that that would have been better.

She gave me a 5 and I am very happy with that. She gave me a 4 for the recap at the start  hmm  Must have made it too short.

So what tips can I offer?
Choose a reliable pupil, Have a lesson plan but be prepared to change it to deal with any problems that occur during the lesson. Don’t be afraid to stop to fix a problem, I would have a six if I had. Try not to be too nervous the examiner is there to help you.

I have spent a lot of time reading others reports on their CT hope someone finds this useful.

Driving should be fun


Wednesday 6th March 2013 20:06:25

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Re: Check test today

#2 Wednesday 6th March 2013 20:44:14

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Re: Check test today

Good write up and I am sure many will benefit from it, well done on getting a 5.  smile  I think check test write ups are one of the most useful feedbacks you can give on the forum to be honest.


#3 Wednesday 6th March 2013 21:23:34

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Re: Check test today

Exellent write up well done great result.


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