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#1 Saturday 26th January 2013 13:46:39

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Driving School Directory

Many of you may be aware that we used to run a driving school directory that worked reasonably well with over 2000 schools registered. When we moved over to the new forum, it was my intention to start the directory service based off the forum.

I have been working on the directory service at and as you can see it has the basic functionality of the directory.

I have added a few sample schools from the old site, if you wish to test it, the postcode is SE1 2EU

The system will work on postcodes, so driving schools will register their postcode with the system.

I am working on improving the functionality of the site and It would be the main site to Driver Training Today, and then a forum, where as at the moment the main site is the forum.

The listings will be managed from the profile page under the tab Driving School. This is only in testing stages and will not work for everyone..  I will be making it simple for new driving schools to sign up their school and they will have an account to be part of the wonderful community here.

We do have all of the listings that were previously on the old site, however its now out of date and I want to have up to date schools on the list.  Once the site is ready, I will enable the feature on the forum so you can update your school and then a little after, I can change the site over.

At the moment we are considering paid featured listings as before, in addition to free listings.
Details to be confirmed.

Any comments and views welcome.


Saturday 26th January 2013 13:46:39

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Re: Driving School Directory

#2 Saturday 26th January 2013 14:37:10

Loopy Lou
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Re: Driving School Directory

The trouble with single postcode based listing is that most driving schools/instructors cover multiple postcode areas.

This is why things like the DSA's "Find Your Nearest" is limited in usefulness for both instructors and potential customers as all you get is a list of instructors within "X" miles of where you live and that doesn't take into account the fact that many customers do not start their driving lessons from home (if they want to be picked up from work, college etc) or the fact that instructors also do not set out for every lesson from their home (or office if the listing uses the address of their franchisor).

I run a small franchise and if I can only list for my geographical location based on my postcode of where I am situated, it's pretty useless as our instructors cover an area that takes in 4 separate counties.

Town listings are much better imo - and the old DTT Directory used to allow multiple listings if an instructor or school covered more than one county wink

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#3 Monday 25th February 2013 19:19:49

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Re: Driving School Directory

Hi, have just come across the post relating to the driving school directory. I agree with what Loopy Lou has posted. I myself cover multiple postcodes in the Worcester area starting at WR1 all the way up to WR14. As this is mostly a rural area and except for the few postcodes that cover the city centre area I sometimes have to do a 30 minute journey to get from one pupil to the next so a directory that allows multiple postcodes is more inviting.
I recently took part in an ADI survey for the DSA and one of the things I recommended was that the find your nearest instructor service could do with a facility to add more than one postcode and also maybe being able to add some info about the driving school you run or represent would be good too.
As a relatively new member to the forum I can't comment on the old DTT directory but the new one looks good.
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#4 Wednesday 5th April 2017 08:44:03

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Re: Driving School Directory

A single postcode only really works if it is the city centre postcode or is the one next to the city centre here in Nottingham. once you get out into the higher postcode numbers the amount of students searching in that postcode area starts to thin out resulting in less enquiries. Multiple postcodes are definitely needed on a listing that is used for bringing in work.


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