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#1 Wednesday 21st November 2012 09:54:55

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Enhanced Rider Scheme / Pass Plus

I qualified a few months ago to provide the DSA's Enhanced Rider Scheme post-test training, which is the motorcyclists equivalent of Pass Plus.

Since qualifying, I haven't sold a single course/assessment despite giving it the headline on my website and talking to all of my students about it.

I've even advertised the course as a Christmas gift package for people to buy for their loved ones, but not one single inquiry as yet.

How are ADI's doing with regard to post-test training? I find pupils keen to do the course, but once they've passed their L test I don't get the same enthusiasm and no take-up for the training.

Finding it hard to sell - even for 35 for the 2hr assessment and certification, when students compare it against the IAM Skills for Life package. Why do people prefer the idea of being taught how to ride by volunteers with no official authorisation or training, rather than a properly qualified Motorcycle Instructor?

Starting to feel I've wasted my money qualifying for the RPMT, and feel the DSA really have no interest in promoting THEIR post-test training scheme..

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Wednesday 21st November 2012 09:54:55

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Re: Enhanced Rider Scheme / Pass Plus

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Re: Enhanced Rider Scheme / Pass Plus

PP in general is no longer supported by insurers so the newly qualified have no financial carrot to tempt them

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