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#26 Thursday 29th December 2011 21:55:04

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Re: Fiat 500

It's been six months since anyone replied to this topic, but as it's still near the top of the page I'm just reporting in to say that I'll be taking delivery of Luigi III next week, a Twinair Lounge  big_smile


Thursday 29th December 2011 21:55:04

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Re: Fiat 500

#27 Monday 12th November 2012 07:11:53

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Re: Fiat 500

I've had a twin air plus now for 4 months now.  I've very happy, my students really like it.  My pass rate has gone back up from the Audi A1 I had (which seemed difficult to drive for some learners, a lot of pull in them). 

The pros
- It is fun!  I've the Twin Air and it's nippy.  Very fun to drive. 
- Steering is light
- Mans. are very simple
- Student friendly.  Everyone, even big guys like the car.
- Ive the sat nav that goes straight into the dash board, I love this.  I get live traffic updates and see when jams are up ahead and we need to change routes either on lessons or when going to the next student.
- Just feels really well made.

If anyone is looking into getting one, I guess you'll want to know the draw backs are too.
- Very sensitive gas pedal.  It is so easy to over rev.  Which is turn leads to more fuel needed. 
- The mpg figures from Fiat are nothing short of fat fibs.  I can get around 50mpg, when I'm not in a hurry.  My students get around 30/35mpg.   
- Real minimal storage.  One little parcel shelf.  I get my diary/filofax and a novel in and thats about it.  Door pockets are long, but shallow.
- The voice recognition is ... well, recognition isn't the word that can be associated to it.  My last car made be believe that this was a must for me and the business from now on.  It's so poor in the Fiat I can not use it.


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