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#1 Friday 9th November 2012 15:25:52

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Trainer Booking Averages Issue

My friend runs a "One Man Band" ATB and as such requires only 2xMod1 and 2xMod2 tests per week to maintain his business model.
DSA Trainer Booking monitors the test frequency over 4 weeks and for reasons beyond his control his average dropped, he can now only book one of each test per week on the opening day (10 weeks ahead).
Instead of being able to plan ahead he is now forced to ring DSA daily for cancellations which rarely match existing courses causing increasing costs.

What happens next Spring when he needs to expand and his averages limit his ability to develop the business?

I'm glad I don't run an ATB anymore, the Trainer Booking system seems to favour the bigger ATB's at the moment.

Does anyone here have experience of this or any thoughts?





Friday 9th November 2012 15:25:52

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Re: Trainer Booking Averages Issue

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