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#1 Wednesday 8th August 2012 13:17:52

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My First Check Test

Hi there

I proudly qualified as an ADI at the end of last year and started teaching at the start of this year. I work full time and only have 3 pupils on the go covering 6 hours per week. 2 pupils have passed their test at the first attempt and one on her third so I feel my teaching must be reasonably ok. I had my check test in an area I hadn't actually done very much teaching in and therefore was a bit nervous about it beforehand but the examiner actually told me BEFORE we went out that it would be an Educational Check test as I had not been teaching for long. I got marked with a couple of 6's, mostly 4's and two 3's which he said would have meant me failing it had it been a REAL test. OK - I get this, but now I am going to get another check test within the next 12 weeks which means my SECOND check test will be still less than one year after I qualified. What miffs me about this is that you see lots of reports where people qualified and then didn't have their first CT until 2 or maybe 3 years after qualifying...

Don't you feel this is a bit unfair on those of us who are so much newer to the world of instruction?


Wednesday 8th August 2012 13:17:52

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Re: My First Check Test

#2 Wednesday 8th August 2012 14:57:06


Re: My First Check Test

Hi JC and well done with your 2 first time passes. smile

"Don't you feel this is a bit unfair on those of us who are so much newer to the world of instruction?"

Your frustration is also felt by myself and possibly many others however there are probably a number of reasons why this sometimes happens:  a common one is when instructors fail to notify DSA of change of address after passing part 3 and it takes a while for things to catch up as a result.

#3 Wednesday 8th August 2012 16:03:19

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Re: My First Check Test


You could have had the check test area changed if it's not the test centre you normally use, it may be worth considering this before your next one. The normal DSA policy is you will be seen within a year of qualifying, however lots of things can affect this such as the availability of examiners to do check test in your area.

Because this was an educational check means that it will not count towards your normal check test attempts, normally you would be allowed 3 but the DSA do not have to do this if they don't want to. The main thing to hit correctly is the core competencies, the lowest mark in those will be your grade so make sure you identify any serious or repeated faults, analyse the fault correctly and make sure you fix it.

It would be a good idea to contact a good local trainer or maybe your original trainer a few weeks before your next test and I'm sure you will do well on the next one. smile

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#4 Wednesday 8th August 2012 23:08:44

Andrew lefthandseat
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Re: My First Check Test

Hello JC3501

Just done my second check test. Please feel free to send me a PM and I'll gladly tell you about how it went if this will help. I think the system is b0llocks but I'll give you a constructive steer!



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Re: My First Check Test

Some good advice there. I would also add that if you are 'invited' to a check test which is not in your 'normal' area you are perfectly within your rights to refuse. This happened to me some years back when I was 'invited' to a CT some 20 or 30 miles from where I teach and in a town with which I am totally unfamiliar  In a bit of a panic I got in touch with the MSA (of which I am a member) and they told me to simply write back and request a CT at my normal test centre, so if it happens again don't take any cr** from the DSA and rearrange it!


#6 Friday 10th August 2012 22:30:15

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Re: My First Check Test

I got my first CT within 4 months of qualifying, I know someone else on here who got their's in even less time.

So yes, equality is not there. But your 9 months isn't untypical. Do take some CT training as has been stated above.
Are you in the DIA or another association? They can help too.
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#7 Saturday 11th August 2012 07:51:41

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Re: My First Check Test

I thought the CT starts from your local test centre, so why should you be asked for CT away from your local area ?


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