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#1 Wednesday 25th July 2012 05:53:08

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Fleet badge renewal time.

I just renewed mine for the first time after 8 years (well, actually less, since I got my fleet badge in Nov 04)
The new one has just 4 years on it and my green badge expires next month.
I can't recall reading the logic behind this - are the DSA allowing me to spread my outgoings?

Then we have the DSA's version of events "on-the-job" as regards display of badge"
"Please ensure you have your fleet badge with you when delivering Fleet training, it is not necessary for you to display it."
Ok, but I have never shown it to a single delegate in 8 years.
"However, remember you must still display your ADI certificate in the usual place in the windscreen of the vehicle being used for training."
Anyone else thought "Nah" to that - or am I alone as a renegade?
(I have lost way too many mirrors to do that!)

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Wednesday 25th July 2012 05:53:08

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Re: Fleet badge renewal time.

#2 Wednesday 25th July 2012 21:52:46

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Re: Fleet badge renewal time.

Both my Green and Yellow badges are up on 31 may 2015. So that will be an expensive month.
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