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#1 Tuesday 13th June 2006 22:08:51


Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)  Tel: 01709 830117


If you are training or have trained in the past with this company, please tell us your opinions of the training and service you received.

Please br responsible about what you post. If you had a bad experience then by all means tell us what happened, but do so responsibly. This section is not about defaming any company.

The opinions below do not represent the opinions of Driver Training Today.

Tuesday 13th June 2006 22:08:51

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

#2 Wednesday 21st June 2006 17:19:31

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From: Hants/Surrey border
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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

I am training with LDTC, i was a bit worried with them based in Huddersfield, and me being on the Hampshire/Surrey border, but its all going great. They are always there if i have needed them. Just embarking on PT2 and even tho my trainer is based in Kent, he comes to me for my training, so all in all i cant fault them. I had read a few disheartening things after id decided to go with them, but stuck to my guns and glad i did. As in everything in life, what suits one, wont neccessarily suit another.

One thing i noticed tho...the phone number u show..isnt that the prize winners number? Their Head Office number is : 01484 518760

Ask where the trainers are based who would be training you for pt2 & 3

28/3/07 Addition
done my 40 hrs for pt 3 now, trainer very good, but 1 thing i want to say is....PLS READ ANYTHING U SIGN CAREFULLY!!
Pls feel free to PM me for any further info.


#3 Thursday 28th June 2007 19:40:19

Elaine Clark
From: Norfolk, originally Fife, Scot
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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

Did my training with LDTC and couldn't rave enough about them.  Got the best training to such a high standard that the Part 3 seemed easy and passed first time (usually rubbish at tests!).  They are always there for me and really liked the fact that they are family run and really friendly.

If I could do it again I wouldn't hesitate to do it with them. If you want to know anymore feel free to send me a message.

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#4 Thursday 19th June 2008 12:18:41

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

I am training with learner driver training at the help and support I have received so far has been first class. The training manuel for part 1 was great helped me pass my part one exam at the first attempt. Now got my second test booked for early august. Can't wait to start my part 3 training need to get that done as quick as possible.



#5 Saturday 12th May 2012 15:01:47

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

sad I Trained with LDTC only works if you travel to huddersfield their best instructors wont come to you, also be aware that if got the money back after 2 years deal they wont remind you and when you ask for your fees back they will do anything they can not to pay you back,


#6 Sunday 13th May 2012 09:45:25

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

They don't seem to exist any more - defunked web addy - and no other web site available.

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#7 Thursday 7th June 2012 14:55:50

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

It seems their new address is

but links to franchise opportunities and Instructor training still don't appear to work.

Not sure why the change, or how long this website has been up and running.

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#8 Thursday 7th June 2012 22:13:24

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Re: Learner Driver Training Centres (nationwide)

It seems their new address is

What a hideous website.  sad

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