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#1 Thursday 20th October 2011 23:34:22

on board training

Specailist Practitioners' Course in NLP/NHR


I have taken the plunge and I am going to do a 6 day course for NLP/NHR.

I have heard a few ADIs have done some work towards NLP, if you have what did you do, how long was the course and what did you feel you could bring into your work and personal life as a result?


Thursday 20th October 2011 23:34:22

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Re: Specailist Practitioners' Course in NLP/NHR

#2 Friday 21st October 2011 21:03:26

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Re: Specailist Practitioners' Course in NLP/NHR

Last week I went to see Richard Bandler in London.  I have seen few presentations about NLP and considered the training but Bandler has changed my mind at least for the time being.  He actually said that back then (when he started) there were some 120 schools of Psychology and most did not get very fast results in therapy but there was a woman (can't recall her name) who had results although it was difficult to pinpoint what it was that she did as it was intuitive. 
I have amazing results with people who for various reasons have driving phobias or lack of self worth or any self esteem. I am very intuitive and the first year of counselling that I did confirmed that it would not benefit my clients to the contrary could hold them back.  I use my intuitive skills and TFT.  My latest test pass was a PHD Psychiatrist fantastic lady but young with yet a lot to learn about people.  I think this job requires more life coaching skills than any other forms of human development.  With that I would say we need coherence of many skills to understand the needs of our clients.

Good luck with your training.


"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself."
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#3 Saturday 22nd October 2011 07:38:21


Re: Specailist Practitioners' Course in NLP/NHR

He is also very expensive yikes.
One of the best courses i have attended in this field of training was presented by a lady called Brenda Iles. I leanrnt so much about myself from her course. If you dont know enough about yourself then you can not know begin to know about others.
One of the main learning points i gained was the ability to sit back and accept critism from others and face up to the fact that others may have a more valid point than mine, i also no longer attempt to get in the "last word" so to speak. Very worthwhile course.

#4 Saturday 22nd October 2011 08:43:02

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Re: Specailist Practitioners' Course in NLP/NHR

I have completed a practitioners diploma in NLP, and jumped in at the deep end. I have a portfolio of 482 hours of Life/Executive coaching.
My clients have seen complete rejuvenation in there business direction, and most agree an improved personal life path.

Coaching is here to stay.

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