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#1 Tuesday 4th October 2011 10:31:46

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A.A. Driving School PDI Training


Live in West Yorkshire, Bradford the [img=Verdana]A.A.[/img] have 2 PDI instructors for the area.  I am a 36 year old male, ex taxi driver lots of driving experience 15 years, good sensible driver with a good grasp of English.

Ok, I will do a detailed post later this afternoon but i wanted people to aware of the way A.A. dupe you into their system.

Ok. Signed up with them all ok.

Part 01 Very little help, on reflection i should of done this on my own. Passed second time ( my fault)

Part 02 Some help, overall happy with the result. Passed first time

Part 03 !!!!!!!! hell where do i start lol will update this later

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Tuesday 4th October 2011 10:31:46

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Re: A.A. Driving School PDI Training

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