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#1 Friday 9th September 2011 20:10:18

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help with psv training

hi every one

can you let me know if stanard taxi test, is used for a (psv)mini bus 12 seater?

or does it go into Hgv??


Friday 9th September 2011 20:10:18

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Re: help with psv training

#2 Friday 9th September 2011 20:38:38

on board training

Re: help with psv training


Not sure what you mean by this going into HGV class for a minibus which is Class D1?

Can you explain a bit more what you are looking for?


#3 Friday 9th September 2011 21:25:47

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Re: help with psv training

I believe that if you are carrying more than 8 passengers it would go into cat D1 mini bus and yes would then be tested at the LGV test centre.

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#4 Saturday 10th September 2011 07:59:24

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Re: help with psv training

Taxi test and PCV test totally different tests.

PCV test for 12 seater mini bus as its a PCV, would be DI test as under 18 seats

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#5 Saturday 10th September 2011 12:35:43

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Re: help with psv training

12 seater minibus = PCV D1 DSA test

That will involve a medical using a D4 form - pay no more than about £50 for a medical or you allow yourself to be ripped off

D2 form for the provisional entitlement - tick 4 catagories D1 D C1 C as that will mean that the medical will cover all of them for as long as you keep the medical valid

For non commercial D1 driving you will need to pass PCV theory modules 1a (theory) 1b (HPT) and 3 (practical road drive)

You may or may not need this info -

For commercial D1 driving you will need the above as well as PCV initial driver cpc modules 2 (theory) and 4 (practical)
Passing modules 3 & 4 will get you an automatically issued DQC (driver cpc card) and that is valid for 5 years
To keep driving commercially after the DQC expiry date you need to complete 35 hours of periodic driver cpc before it expires so anew DQC can be issued with a new 5 year expiry date (starting from the expiry date of the old DQC)
Then another 35 hours after that .... etc etc

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