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#1 Sunday 12th June 2011 07:04:19
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new PDI needs help

Hi all,

Ive passed my Part 1 in Feb 2011, my part 2 in May 2011 and just done my 40 hrs in June 2011

I did my training with Red driving school. The training is very good.

I was always going to stay with them on a francise but im havin seconds thoughts now.

I want you lot to give me advice if I should go it alone as a PDI or stay with Red.

They charge me £241 a week which includes car and pupils, but I dont know how many pupils i get. I need 10 hrs a week just to pay them back.

And if i dont get pupils then I still have to pay them, thats whats putting me of, I can get in big financial problems if it goes pear shaped.

But I have looked into going alone and car, ins and accountant will cost me £110 a wk.
At least i got less to pay doing this and if i dont get pupils , i got my lorry driving to fall back on to pay for car and make a living,

I have created a website for my own school while I decide what to do.

Has anyone been in my position or as anyone got any comments, I will be grateful


Sunday 12th June 2011 07:04:19

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Re: new PDI needs help

#2 Sunday 12th June 2011 07:29:54

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Re: new PDI needs help

I think you may have answered your own question.

Ask your collegues with Red in your area how many hours per week Red are able to supply [it may vary from town to town].
How may other red franchisees are active in your area?

If they are currently getting an average of 20 hours per week and there are say 3 franchisees.
When you join the total of 60 hours with now be split between 4. Therefore 15 hours each assuming these hours are split fairly.

How may more Red PDIs are about to qualify in your area?
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#3 Sunday 12th June 2011 07:56:36
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Re: new PDI needs help

not sure bout that, when i was doing my in car training, the other guy was from Lincoln, miles away.

They cover a big area.

I want to find out if any pdi in sheffield,


#4 Sunday 12th June 2011 08:10:30

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Re: new PDI needs help

You cannot work on your own as a PDI.  And you cannot advertise yourself as a driving school/instructor either.


#5 Sunday 12th June 2011 11:24:29

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Re: new PDI needs help

You Can get far better deals than red, with no contract to sign. I f you PM me I will put you onto someone who could sponser you in Sheffield area.

Good luck

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