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#1 Wednesday 5th January 2011 10:38:23

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Pink Licence 2nd appeal?

Does anyone know if a 2nd appeal is allowed for a PDI licence extension?
I haven't got the result of the 1st appeal yet, although it's not really an appeal as the letter said they were considering refusing my application and inviting me to give reasons why they shouldn't. This I did, ie. unable to provide 3rd test date within the 6 month period. I since found out I don't need a pink licence to take part 3 anyway which leads me to expect a refusal. My test centre of choice is now closed for re-location. I have 3 pupils taking their test soon and another 3 - 4 should be booking soon, my main concern  is letting them down. I'm totally confused, and losing sleep!
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Wednesday 5th January 2011 10:38:23

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Re: Pink Licence 2nd appeal?

#2 Tuesday 18th January 2011 21:47:13

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Re: Pink Licence 2nd appeal?

Hi, I was on a pink licence for 6 months then applied for an extension, I was sent the usual letter saying that they were considering refusing, I rang them and rang them and they said they couldn't tell me anything, then one day I rang them on the Thursday and they said they still hadn't decided but on Friday morning My new badge arrive. It all depends on why you want the extension, I wasn't able to keep my mind on training as my mother was diagnosed with stomach ,lung and ovarian cancer and my dad shortly after had a heart attack, you just need to be patient and hope for the best, I hope it all goes well for you..

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#3 Thursday 19th May 2011 06:59:25

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Re: Pink Licence 2nd appeal?

I had a PDI working for me who had an extension, as she had 2 attempts at part 3 left and her licence had run out. She just applied for it and it came through.


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