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New on here, and a new ADI!

Hello all!

I passed my part 3 at my 2nd attempt on Feb 11th this year. I had pst 5. On the first part, I was teaching the emergency stop on a reasonaby quiet urban dual carriageway (chosen by the examiner, of course!). After one particular attempt, we were pulled into the side of the road discussing it when I looked up to see a woman driving a Porsche Cayenne 4WD towards us on our carriageway... both the examiner and I waved frantically
to her so she stopped alongside the car and wound the window down. The examiner said to her it was a dual carriageway, and we both expected her to bump over the low central reservation to the correct side, but no, she proceeded to do a 7-point turn behind us. Quickly thinking what would I do if it were a real lesson, I got the examiner to move on... Then on the 2nd part, we had to pull out of the way pretty sharpish from a fire engine on a shout! yikes

I decided not to take out a franchise, as I live in Argyll and felt that they couldn't fill my diary any quicker than I could myself. It took me exactly a month to get my car organised and get started. I placed an ad in the local paper (1 reply that came to nought) and put up A4 posters in any local business that would take them. And I also tied up a couple of posters to a fence where the local highschool kids queue to buy lunch. That has brought me a couple of pupils. Facebook has also brought in several enquiries and I hope to start some pupils from that in the next couple of weeks.

My car is a Citroen DS3 and I had it fully liveried for maximum impact. A couple of my pupils chose me to teach them because of the car - it is way different from the plain Clios and Fiestas tha are around here.

I need a couple of other income streams, though. How does one go about training for speed awareness training, for example?


Monday 16th May 2011 20:20:34

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Re: New on here, and a new ADI!

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Re: New on here, and a new ADI!

Prepared to be corrected, but there are no speed awareness courses in Scotland, are there?
ACPO guidelines have recently changed, and a definite requirement is a level 3 teaching qualification - PTTLLS

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