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#1 Wednesday 27th April 2011 06:07:02

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Hyundai i30

Test drove an I30 diesel on Monday as well as a fiesta & citreon c3. Found the extra space in the Hyundai made a big difference, being 6'2" not all cars are suitable, it was also by far the easiest to drive. Almost no surge in 2nd & my current car, Mazda 2 judders like mad if you go too slow in 2nd where as the i30 hardly juddered at all. All 3 were much quieter, smoother & more powerful than the Mazda which has been a good car, but now at 82000 & only replaced tyres & brakes it might be time to move on before it starts costing, especially as it is now out of warranty. Checked the warranty on the i30 & it is a 5 year unlimited mileage covering everything, even covers clutch & exhaust for 1st 2 years again with unlimited mileage! Also on their infinity scheme DIA members get a 21% discount. Going to try the i20 as well but will take a lot to top the i30, was very supprised how easy to drive it was. The only question I have is the clutch pedel was very light, do you think that is good or bad for learners?
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Wednesday 27th April 2011 06:07:02

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Re: Hyundai i30

#2 Sunday 1st May 2011 07:48:47

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Re: Hyundai i30

As you know, I test drove the i20 diesel last year and was really impressed with how easy it was to drive. Very smooth, especially turning corners slowly (5mph) in 2nd gear, hardly any surge and very little juddering. But, as you say, it did feel very lightweight and slack. I'm not sure that they are robust enough for high mileage Driving School use?

Yes, excellent warranty cover, but you wouldn't want your car off the road too often losing hours!

Incidentally, I started a new student last week, she's been learning in Manchester with Bill Plant and she commented how much easier my Mazda 2 was to drive compared to the Hyundai i30!

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#3 Sunday 1st May 2011 16:45:48

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Re: Hyundai i30

I went from a Focus to an i20 in December.  Some struggled for a bit to get to grips with the clutch on the i20 and it revs easily in 1st (had the accelerator cable slackened so it's a bit better now...apparently this is a problem with some i20s).   I only have a couple of pupils now who've come out of the Focus.  For all the newbies who know no different, the i20 isn't a problem.


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