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#1 Friday 4th March 2011 19:08:08

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A1 Assessors Course

Am thinking of enrolling onto A1 Assessors course and any advice positive or negative would be helpful.


Friday 4th March 2011 19:08:08

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Re: A1 Assessors Course

#2 Friday 4th March 2011 19:19:06

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Re: A1 Assessors Course

It's all about ticking boxes and gathering evidence, just depends really if your into that sort of thing. I did it for taxi drivers', the hardest part I found was them being reliable enough to turn up and actually do it.


#3 Friday 4th March 2011 20:39:32

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Re: A1 Assessors Course

The A1 Assessors Course is no longer available, it finished on 31st December 2010.

It has been replaced by the New QCF Assessment Qualifications and this is done in 3 parts.

It is by far not as easy as the old course and takes time to complete the various parts. You must have a minimum of 2 of the parts passed before being able to start as an assessor, one of these must be unit 1. The 3 units are:

Unit 1:  Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
Unit 2:  Assess occupational competence in the work environment
Unit 3:  Assess vocational skills, knowledge & understanding

Hope this helps.


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