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#1 Tuesday 3rd June 2008 20:57:42

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Briefings and where to do them

I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before but with so many posts on here I am going to mention it again  big_smile

If you are a PDI and unsure as to where to do the briefing just ask yourself
'is this a driving subject or a maneuvering subject? if it's a driving subject then give the briefing at the test centre, if not give a quick Q & A to establish prior knowledge and add the usual 'ok, lets drive out of here and I'll direct you to a place to carry out the manoeuvre, on the way I'll help you to correct any other faults'

Then do the briefing after arrival

Hope this helps


Tuesday 3rd June 2008 20:57:42

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Re: Briefings and where to do them

#2 Thursday 10th February 2011 16:25:32

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Re: Briefings and where to do them

useful, thanks


#3 Saturday 12th February 2011 20:12:01

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Re: Briefings and where to do them

Great advice.

Just because I'm a driving instructor, it doesn't make me a dual control freak.


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