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#1 Sunday 16th January 2011 20:38:12

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Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Test Centre

Hi all

I'm due to book my ADI Part 2 test and learned on Friday the the Edinburgh (Currie) test centre is stopping ADI test, so Musselburgh is my next closest.  Just wondering if anyone has the ADI Test Routes for Musselburgh as they're no longer published by the DSA.

Any other info about the test centre or the SE would be welcomed!

Best regards



Sunday 16th January 2011 20:38:12

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Re: Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Test Centre

#2 Saturday 5th February 2011 17:14:23

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Re: Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Test Centre

Why do you need to know the test routes?


#3 Saturday 12th February 2011 20:00:56

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Re: Edinburgh (Musselburgh) Test Centre

Hey PaulMilligan and Spike.  If you 2 get together you could be Spike Milligan. 

Why the need to know the ADI routes?  If your driving is of a high enough standard, you should be able to drive anywhere.  Just as, if your pupil is ready to pass the driving test, they should in theory be able to go anywhere in the country and pass it without any need for local knowledge. 

Good luck with it when you do it though regardless of whether you get the routes or not.

Just because I'm a driving instructor, it doesn't make me a dual control freak.


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