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#1 Thursday 7th October 2010 22:19:19

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1st ID test hamilton tc

Hi all thought I would share my experience of my first test with independent driving. What I did notice was the amount of information the ex gave the pupil even before the test started with regards to what will happen and what they expect and so on. The ex was great with my pupil putting her at ease from the outset. He even said if you are not sure with anything then just ask and if he's allowed to help then he will but if he's not then he will say that he's not allowed to help. I had a chuckle to myself at that. The Id part started about 5 minutes in and asked her to turn right at a roundabout 3rd exit then follow the signs for Motherwell. The ex gave her good guidance along the way about what lane would be best for her for the next sign coming up. Pupil coped well asking if she was still following the signs. Then the ex said that's the end of the id section and he will continue to give her directions along the way. I enjoyed it. It was good to see my pupil putting into practice what she can do without getting told every direction to take. She didn't pass this time and it was for something outwith the id part. 2df 1sf.


Thursday 7th October 2010 22:19:19

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Re: 1st ID test hamilton tc

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